Occupational Safety And Health Policy

  • Maintaining an open and continuously improved Environmental / Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is supported by senior management and adopted and implemented by all employees, audited, reviewed, and for the monitoring of relevant parties;
  • Regarding Occupational Health and Safety and Environment; To fulfil the requirements of all customers and other organizations that we interact with, especially legal requirements;
  • First, with the awareness of occupational safety, to create accident-free work environments and to develop systems that will minimize our losses in case of emergency,
  • To comply with occupational safety and ergonomics goals in product and process design, production process or significant process changes,
  • Aiming to protect all Human Resources within the boundaries of the business from injuries and health deterioration as a result of work accidents,
  • Conducting risk assessments effectively and reducing risk levels,
  • To minimize the consumption of energy and other natural resources by encouraging and supporting effective use, recovery and re-evaluation activities;
  • To increase the environmental awareness and occupational safety culture of all our employees and suppliers by supporting their work in this direction;

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