Human Resources

ACH Inorganic Chemicals has adopted the philosophy that it can develop its human resources by providing continuous development and continuity of motivation in order to increase its competitiveness and maintain its leading position in the sector with its understanding of quality products and services.

Education is therefore an uninterrupted process. With the awareness that customer satisfaction can only be achieved by ensuring employee satisfaction, we primarily invest in people, and try to ensure the development of our corporate values and human resources with a continuous (lifelong) education and training philosophy.

Accordingly, ACH Inorganic Chemicals keeps our Human Resources development processes at the core of our business priorities and goals.

Why should you work with us?

We are on the way to be the best in our field.
In our own service area, we are a company that knows the production best and has a good command of manufacturing terminology.
Our employees are our business partners for us.
We work with our staff who are constantly with us to achieve success in our goals.
We attach importance to education and different thinking.
Ambitious, intelligent and original people can make a difference in ACH Inorganic chemicals. Because we give them this opportunity.

The features we look for in our employees:

Shaping business processes within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety principles and responsibilities,
Providing qualified and measurable training and development opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement and development,
Focusing on the internal capabilities of its employees, respectively; The teamwork that creates a training and development environment in order to realize,
develop and use their potentials with team spirit awareness,
Strives to contribute new developments to the company culture with the understanding of being open to learning, and supports the work-private life balance of the employee to individual,
Social and environmental problems.

We aim to be in an approach aiming to serve the welfare of the society with individuals with high sense of responsibility towards them and to continuously improve our practices in line with these goals.

Sending CV

You can apply for a job by sending a detailed CV prepared by yourself to mail address. If you prepare your CV according to our sector and in detail so that we can get to know you better, we can have healthier preliminary information about you.
Thank you for choosing us.

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