R&D Studies and Projects

Our company, which operates in the water treatment chemicals sector, finds solutions to the problems thanks to the new products developed as a result of the R & D studies, made to find solutions to the problems faced in the sector with its experienced staff.

Our products with codes ACH-1540 and ACH-1050 were developed as a result of our R&D studies, which we started in line with the feedbacks from our customers regarding the problems experienced in both waste water treatment and drinking water treatment.

Advantages of our new products;
a) Formation of fast and large diameter flocs as a result of its high reaction speed,
b) Collecting flocs to the centre due to the high zeta potential energy difference created in the environment
c) Provides up to 75% reduction in chemical sludge
d) Provides high turbidity, colour and organic material removal,

In 2013, we started to work in our new address in Bursa İhtisas Leather Organized Industrial Zone by increasing our production capacity by 11 times. We aim to improve the quality of our cooperation with distinguished and leading organizations of the sector with our inorganic chemicals, which we have developed as a product of 100% domestic production and corporate R&D studies.

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